"Balu" Thomas Weiß - Vocals and bass

Date of bith: 27.01.1988

How I joined the band:

A friend of mine wrote me that a band called Azuica is looking for a vocalist and bass player and asked me, if I want to come with him to listen to this band. Then I listened to some live recordings of them and agreed. A little later we went to their rehearsal room and listened to them there. I was immediately on fire for this band and told them to be willing to be their bass player and background singer. Two weeks later my friend did not want to sing any longer and I became lead singer.

My motto:

Don't take your life too seriously because you'll lever get out alive!

My hobbies:

reading, bycicling, doing a lot with friends and you won't guess....making and listening to music


Smooth Jazz, Epic Classic, Metal


Clifford Lee Burton, Victor Wooten, Lee Sklar and Jazz-music

Contact: thomas@azurica.de


Ibanez Model 2388B-MR (1976)
Human Base Roxy B5  OPBK
Hartke LH 500
Warwick W411 Pro
Warwick W115 Pro

 Sennheiser e845        
LD MEI 1000
Shure SE 530


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