Tatjana Held - Keyboards, Violin, Hurdy-gurdy

Date of birth: 13.04.1982

How I joined the band:

In the past I mostly did the merchandising and was therefore close to the band from the beginning. When keyboarder Alex left the band, the question was how it will go on with the keyboard parts. The band has advised and quickly came to the conclusion, that they should not be completely kicked, but did not want to look for a new member. So I suggested that I could play these parts as I already have played the pianp as a young girl. I started to take classical piano lessons again and studied the keyboard parts. That was my way from the merch stall via the rehearsal room to stage.

My motto:

With stones, that were placed in your way, you can build something nice.

My hobbies:

dog training, neurobiology, psychology and of course making music.


Pretty much everything from the fields of rock, folk, metal, classical.  I prefer
In Extremo from the early deys, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Schandmaul, Saltation Mortis, Letzte Instanz, Fiddlers Green, Haggard and many more.





KORG Kronos X61
KORG Krome 61
NS Design NXT5a
Reiter Alien II 7 string fretted
Reiter Easy II 5 string
Europe 4/4 BK
Europe 4/4 WH
Roth & Junius RJVAE 15,5 Viola
Carbondix 4/4
Weichselbaumer Alto custom
A.Seidler electric
Kemper profiling amp
Avid Eleven Rack
Palmer Macht 402     
LD MEI 1000
Inear Stagediver SD-2s

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